Blade Sworn - Timeline

A timeline of the general history of the known lands, following the Great Devastation. Few accurate records remain of the times prior to the Devastation.

1 G.D.     The Great Devastation.  The Demon Lords appear.
32 G.D.    Post Devastation calendar comes into use, backdated.
67 G.D.    The Great War ends with the imprisonment of the Demon Lords.
71 G.D.    Borders of the kingdoms officially agreed on.
75 G.D.    Keeps established surrounding the Broken Lands.
97 G.D.    Law Guild and Binders Guild established.
98 G.D.    Broken Lands are determined to be growing.
105 G.D.   The Magic Guilds formalised over the following decades.
121 G.D.   Construction of the Wall begins.
164 G.D.   Construction of the Wall officially complete.
365 G.D.   Last reported demonic possession.
407 G.D.   Kauvaldtian monarchy deposed and executed.
506 G.D.   The Ravaging.  A horde of Broken break through the Wall.
507 G.D.   Ravaging ended, Eldreth of Arkandell calls for army to be sent in to kill all Broken.
508 G.D.   Eldreth begins clearing the Borderlands.  Kerishvault incident.
509 G.D.   Serfdom ends in Arkandell and Draan, and slavery banned by law in the eastern lands.
536 G.D.   Gharual collapses.
537 G.D.   Events of 'Blade Sworn'.