Coral Throne - Deleted Scenes

These deleted scenes were all added after the first draft (along with some other bits that stayed). I'd introduced (or reintroduced) Wintus, Boryan, and Tengrys, but they didn't then do much, so this subplot revolves around Wintus and his family. The result feels a bit flat to me, though, and didn't interest me enough to go into greater depth on, so I removed these bits.
There were a few lines at the end of Chapter 29 about taking the surveillance off Wintus' family, but I won't bother including that.
The first scene is Durnam letting Wintus know they know he's a spy, and offering their help in rescuing his family from Allaryn. This happens between Chapters 30 and 31.

Deleted Scene 1 - Sanctuary

The next scene is Tengrys gettign Wintus' family out of Allaryn, showing some of what's happening on the streets there. This happens between Chapters 34 and 35.

Deleted Scene 2 - Flight from Allaryn

Once Wintus' gets word his family is safely free of Allaryn, he decides to try helping protect his new home, so tries making his way to the Hall while avoiding the rioting crowds. This proves difficult, and he has to help Boryan stop the crowds being manipulated.
This would have needed more work, as I'm not happy that it properly illustrates what I considered to be going on on the streets.
This happens between Chapters 37 and 38.

Deleted Scene 3 - Rioting

The final scene has Wintus, Boryan, and co. reaching the Hall. This happenes in Chapter 39.

Deleted Scene 4 - Joining the fight