Glyphpunk - Deleted Scene

This originally came after chapter 13, in the immediate aftermath of the failed theft. It never got beyond the first draft stage (and is a bit unpolished) because it doesn't really do anything. It's just got Einari beign frustrated, which is covered elsewhere, and the plans for having more of the hunt from his side didn't really work out (other bits I never even wrote). It's included here for completeness.

They'd escaped him. He'd had them in his grasp and lost them. Einari fumed as he strode back towards the buildings. None of the boats here had decent glyphs, so they'd no hope of catching up to them. He'd sent a few of his men after them anyway, if only to find where they landed.

There'd be little hope of backtracking the way they'd come until morning, and that may not be any use if they didn't return to the same place. Given they'd had the boat ready to catch them, this Thjorn appeared as competent a planner as he'd learned, so the chances of catching up to them were slim. Overall he'd have to call this a disaster.

He'd underestimated them. Both their intelligence and their martial capabilities. Their fighter had been almost his equal, at least in that arena. Manoeuvrability had helped among the trees, and their clothing had obviously been glyphed, but if he hadn't fled Einari would have overwhelmed him. But the fight hadn't gone that way.

He didn't know whether he'd done anything wrong in laying the trap. Obviously they hadn't spotted any signs until inside the house, and not every possibility could be prepared for. He hadn't wanted anyone stationed too close by, for fear of being spotted, so there'd realistically been no way of blocking the door. A glyph might have done it, but they might not have been able to hide it well enough.

No, they'd just been unlucky.

He still didn't know for certain what they'd been after. A book the thief had said, although he'd had it second-hand from a disgruntled employee, so there was no way to be sure.

It made the most sense. The place had a large collection of glyphwriting substances, both known and experimental, but unless they were after one of the rare ones, they could be easily acquired elsewhere. And since they had some arvinim, he couldn't see what use anything here could be. He'd check with someone more knowledgeable on the subject, but didn't consider it likely.

So the library upstairs would be the logical target, but there were quite a few old books there. The curator hadn't considered any to be of particular value, and without knowing their true goals there was likely little way to know for certain.

He'd been hoping to learn their goals from questioning. Stealing only two bars of arvinim made little sense. If stolen for their value, they could easily have taken more than that and still had time to get away. The more they'd taken the sooner it might have been realised a theft had taken place, but a few more wouldn't have disturbed their escape, especially considering the value of the metal.

No, there was a definite plan at work, one which appeared to target the Guild.

He still had the names of the main conspirators, so could always arrange a full hunt, but considering how cagey they'd proved he'd rather handle it himself. They might know they were expected, but they couldn't be certain they were being hunted yet. They could assume they'd made a mistake in scouting the place out, which he fully expected them to have done.

He'd continue along the trail he had, running down what he knew about them until he found them. And next time they wouldn't escape him.