Glyphpunk - History

This is the officially recognised historical timeline of the Scarred Sea lands (although some parts could have been affected by periodical poor record keeping). FD = First Ones Departure.

-130 F.D.   Approximate date the First Ones taught mankind glyphs.
0 F.D.      The First Ones leave.
171 F.D.    First kingdom officially formed.
213 F.D.    Wotyn learns the secrets of glyphs. The kingdom wars reaching their peak.
216 F.D.    The Scarred Sea named after a multi-nation naval battle with no winners.
217 F.D.    Wotyn comes to power, ends the wars.
373 F.D.    Wotyn overthrown and entombed below Firepeaks.
482 F.D.    The Society of Glyphmasons forms as an ostensibly informal fellowship of glyphists.
516 F.D.    As wars between kingdoms increase the Society's power is used openly to end them.
528 F.D.    Wotyn's tomb opened. Metal deposits found in the surrounding stone, so prison-mine soon built over the top of it.
671 F.D.    The Alliance formed for mercantile purposes by non-Society glyphists.
693 F.D.    The Alliance openly rival the Society.
774 F.D.    Now.