Grey Engines - Glossary - Carver's Dialect

Carver's Yorkshire (ish) accent can be a bit strong at times, so here's a glossary of the more common words which some readers may be unfamiliar with. Most could probably be worked out, but I'm including them just in case.

A'               Of
Afore            Before
Ah               I
Ain't            Aren't
An'              And
At               At The
'Ave             Have
Aye              Yes
Be               By (or Be)
D'               Do
Dain't           Don't
E'er             Ever
'Em              Them
Fer              For
Geroff           Get off
Han't            Haven't
If'n             If and When (or If)
Int'             In The
Inta             Into
Kegs             Underwear
Lad              Boy
Lass             Girl
Ma               My
Mayhap           Maybe
'N               And
Nay              No
'Nother          Another
Nowt             Nothing
O'               Of
'Ow              How
Owt              Anything
'Sides           Besides
Sling thy hook   Leave
Someat           Something
Someun           Someone
T'               To
Ta               To
Th'              The
Thee             You
Thy              You, Your
Were             Was (or Were)
What             That (or What)
Wi'              With
Wi'out           Without
Wun't            Wouldn't, Won't
Yon              That (or Those) Yonder