Grey Enigmas - Glossary

Artificially Constructed ThoughtfORm. An artificial intelligence grown to be implanted in the young as their telepathic abilities develop, so as to keep their abilities from harming them or others as they grow to control them.

Physical technology using artificially grown brain matter to house artificial or dead minds, and to maintain the mindscape and associated services.

Brain Trust
A collective of minds (artificial, unconscious, and dead) guiding a particular area of society.

Library of skills and knowledge in a form downloadable by anyone. They're designed to fit easily into the mind and be instantly usable, although they are temporary and require a portion of the host's own brain matter to support them. More than three such downloads can run the risk of the host suffering problems.

Virtual technology, that exists in the mindscape, but which can be manifested in the real world. Manifested ghostech cannot interact with the real world other than by psychosomatic effects on telepaths. Primarily used for computing interfaces, it can also be used for creating virtual devices which work on the mindscape, or ghostech avatars which allow individuals to manifest non-corporeally in distant parts of the real world (provided they have close enough braintech stations, so only inhabited areas).

Virtual area maintained by braintech (the term is also used for the inside of an individual's mind when they, or another, manifest there) as a shared space for manifesting one's psychic consciousness. Virtually unlimited, while much is generally publicly available some sections are private; both officially limited, and governed by politeness.

Artificial intelligence grown in mindscape. These have varying degrees of complexity, from simple drones which anyone can create in seconds to search for information, to ACTORs which can take months to gestate.