Shadows of the Heavens - The Thousand Little Gods

It's doubtful there were ever that many greater spirits, and many that were there originally have since been lost. There are probably under two hundred, although only scholars can name them all, and it's not uncommon for obscure ones to suddenly stop responding to invocations.

Most invocations are vague, people asking them for aid with everyday things. The manifestation of such is probably unseen. More concrete manifestations of their abilities can be produced by skilled invokers, with the common types listed below.

Names: Arauchon, the Spider
Standing: Obscure
Domain: Spiders, climbing
Invocations: Climbing, clinging to things

Names: Donar
Standing: Common
Domain: Fire, destructive change
Invocations: Pyrotechnics, quenching flames

Names: Equinon
Standing: Common
Domain: Sailing, water, seas, rivers
Invocations: Weather manipulation, calm waters

Names: The Hidden
Standing: Noble
Domain: Darkness, hiding
Invocations: Shadows, darkness, wards against eavesdropping, stealth

Names: Jofen, the Light of Truth
Standing: Obscure
Domain: Truth
Invocations: See through illusions, compel to tell the truth
Notes: Traditional domain eclipsed by Rauthon

Names: Korevo, The Shaper
Standing: Noble
Domain: Form and function, creation
Invocations: Molding substances, changing shape of things (including the invoker)
Notes: Brass is the only metal that retains changed shape
Notes: It's illegal to use his invocations on other people

Names: Kuku
Standing: Obscure
Domain: Echoes
Invocations: Echo sounds, echo images (replay recent events)

Names: Kutan
Standing: Common
Domain: Weather
Invocations: Weather manipulation, sense weather patterns

Names: Qanoth, the Hawk
Standing: Obscure
Domain: Vision
Invocations: Enhanced vision, night vision
Notes: Patron of examiners

Names: Rauthon, the Illuminated
Standing: Noble
Domain: Light and learning
Invocations: Produce light and flames, provide clue or inspiration, reveal truth

Names: Thoul
Standing: Noble
Domain: Strength, soldiers, defence
Invocations: Strength, protective aura, hold openings fast

Names: Tikel, the Huntmaster
Standing: Common
Domain: Hunting
Invocations: Tracking, find person, summon phantasmal hounds

Names: Trien
Standing: Noble
Domain: Agriculture
Invocations: Plant growth, enhance plant qualities, animate plants

Names: Uleth, the Curser, the Spoken Hex
Standing: Noble
Domain: Curses
Invocations: Curses

Names: Votal, the Farseer
Standing: Common
Domain: Farseeing
Invocations: Seeing, hearing, and speaking over a distance

Names: Yudoru
Standing: Obscure
Domain: Animals
Invocations: Animal handling, mimicking animal abilities