Shadows of the Heavens - History

K.C. = Kuen Empire Calendar

L.C. = Liou Empire Calendar

I.C. = Imperial Calendar (renamed from LC but not renumbered)

370 K.C.   Heaven falls. The Empire shatters.
432 K.C.   Invoking is learnt.
541 K.C.   Masks begin to come into general usage, following Grace of Spirits' example.
637 K.C.   Liou empire established. Calendar renamed and renumbered 0 L.C.). First imperial bureaucracy formed.
247 L.C.   Empire disintegrates, allegedly under rakshaa machinations.
300 L.C.   Stone spirits altered by rakshaas into durthak, and unleashed to cause chaos.
307 L.C.   The fractured kingdoms manage to push durthak from the civilised lands. Border wars soon begin, targeting those most weakened by the joint military action.
363 L.C.   Peaceful relations officially established between the remaining nations. Mainly due to the fragmented bureaucracy continuing in most governments.
807 L.C.   First adherencies begin to gain official standing.
862 L.C.   Open war breaks out between nations.
875 L.C.   Kenuto holds his borders until others have weakened, then moves and takes them as protectorates.
879 I.C.   Empire officially re-established, calendar renamed, and disparate bureaucracies begin to reintegrate.
888 I.C.   Organised land reclaimation begins.
896 I.C.   Durthak encountered in north as clearance of lands expands the border.
897 I.C.   War begins with Korluth. Instigated by neighbouring magistrate trying to annex them. He was removed from office and dishonoured, but the empire couldn't withdraw from the conflict.
899 I.C.   Korluth taken, becomes Tsa Province.
901 I.C.   Durthak numbers in the north prove greater than expected. Imperial forces withdraw for reinforcements.
906 I.C.   Durthak war ends with a slaughter of them in the Shadowspine mountains.
909 I.C.   Whispering Lords nearly seize power before being beaten.
918 I.C.   Scholar found dead in Water Dances on the Rocks.