Silent Echoes - Disciplines

Splicing is the art of combining various magic disciplines together for new, or enhanced, effects. How well teh disciplines splice together often depends on the type of discipline.
Passive magics are those which generally only affect the practitioner or targets in contact with him, and are fairly neutral in terms of other magics. They often don't offer much in terms of splicing, but they're rarely volatile when exposed to the magics of other disciplines.
Active magics tend to alter the world around the practitioner, the energies leaving their body. These are the most stable for splicing (an active and a passive tend to be optimum in terms of stability), but some combinations can prove volatile..
Dynamic magics effect lasting changes, either directly at the practitioner's control, or as a result of the energies released. They tend to be volatile, and while spliced dynamic magics can be some of the most powerful, they can also be extremely destructive when they go wrong, as evidenced by the experimental splicing of multiple weather magics which resulted in the Shattering (the disciplines commonly grouped as weather magics are now banned in most places, on pain of death).

[There are more here than appear in the story, which will hopefully see more use if I get around to doing soemthing else in this world. I have ideas, but no cohesive story as yet.]