Stoneweaver - The Rules

Certain gemstones allow the wielder to exercise control over various substances when the specific control word is spoken. The word is a composite of the base word particular to the gem, and a suffix defining the degree of control it provides.
The gemstone must be touching the substance when the word is spoken, with no obstructions blocking the substance from 'hearing' the word. The speaker does not need to be touching the gemstone at the time, but they must have been the last individual to have touched it.
Active gemstones may be deactivated by another Stoneweaver touching them and saying the activation word. For this reason, most animations (or avatars) hide the stone within themselves, to protect against theft.
The amount of the substance manipulated is generally within a range of half to twice the volume of the Stoneweaver, depending on their skill. Larger amounts may be manipulated, but can be more of a strain. Smaller amounts can be manipulated with no strain.
Maintaining animations requires line of sight to see exactly what the avatar is doing, and over long distances (half a mile or more) can require more effort to maintain.

-OR - Allows the Stoneweaver to alter the shape of the substance. They must concentrate on the shape they wish before commanding the change, as once it's set, they'd have to deactivate the gem to reverse the effect and start again.
-THOR - Allows the Stoneweaver to manipulate the substance with thought. Avatars remain under control as long as the Stoneweaver consciously maintains them, and the control may be lost if their lose concentration, or if they consciously discard it. When the control is dropped, the substance is no longer animated, and may either stay as it was last used or revert to its prior form (dependant on substance).
-DUOR - Allows the Stoneweaver to give the avatar a programmed set of commands. These must be decided on creation, and cannot be altered without dismissing and reanimating the Avatar. Modern Stoneweavers have only very limited experience with this form of control, especially when compared to historical accounts, as much Stoneweaving lore has been lost since the Flood.
-ETH - Allows the Stoneweaver to alter their physical form to become the chosen substance. Unknown to modern Stoneweavers.

Armonite Metal Blue-green, opaque, angular Aun
Azurien Spectrum All colours, translucent, smooth Nya
Dett Stone/soil Dark red, translucent Lux
Eyrineth Plants Dark green, smoky, angular Bru
Ixinell Flesh Orange, opaque, smoky Nuz
Jederine Temperature Dark blue, opaque, rough Nab
Oxyth Bone White, opaque Ger
Parpelline Time Purple, opaque Tok
Tade Fire Red-orange, translucent, smooth Thir
Tazarine Water Pale green, translucent, angular Rul
Zelxus Air Clear, smoky Kul