To Hunt Monsters - The Rules - Vampires

These are the how the traditional vampiric abilities are interpreted within this novel.

Can't cross running water
Changing shape
Holy symbols/water
Older vampires, and those who were strongly religious before their change, can have a superstitious aversion to them, but they cause no actual damage.
Immortal Bloodsuckers
Pretty much.
Older vampires have been known to turn to dust on being killed, less old ones turning into desiccated heaps which collapse in on themselves, but most just appear normally dead. There's no way to revive them after they've been 'killed'.
Their hearts still work, but significantly slower than before they were changed, so their pulse is too slow to detect. The heart has a brief flurry of speed when they consume blood. To kill them usually requires direct penetration of the heart, or decapitation. Other wounds can hurt them, but regenerate relatively quickly, rarely leaving any lasting damage. Damage to the brain also seems to heal, although at a much slower rate.
Vampires have no reflection and cannot be captured on film [never made much sense, but it works for the werewolf faiths belief that pictures capture the soul, which doesn't affect vampires because they don't have souls]. They can be seen on infrared goggles. Using it does present logical problems though (can you see something they're carrying? What about their clothes?), so I try to make only sparing references to it.
Causes a burning sensation, and their skin goes red quickly, but they can survive exposure.

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