To Hunt Monsters - The Rules - Werewolves

These are the how the traditional werewolf abilities are interpreted within this novel.

Lycanthropy is passed along genetically to the werewolf's offspring, and it's no longer passed along as an infection to those bitten, although there are stories of the DNA strand of the curse having been produced by vampire owned labs to create their own genetically modified werewolves, more obedient to their commands.
It's smell is offensive, and it causes a burning if they're cut with a silver weapon.
Highly sensitive hearing and smelling, especially when wolfed-out, although in this form their inherent rage tends to cloud their mind, and focus their senses on hunting prey, so any fine tuned sensory tasks are usually performed in human form.
Wolfing Out
Transforming into their wolf form is generally a controllable thing, although they do get strong urges to do so when the moon is full. Drugs can help suppress the urges, and are usually given to the young as they learn to control themselves, although other drugs can allow their wolf side more control, even while in human form, and these see use among some of the more fringe elements.
Those with a greater level of control over their bodies can limit the transformation so that they retain basic humanoid shape, but also grow fur, claws and teeth. In this form they're more physically powerful, with strength not far below that of vampires, and agility and speed greater than them. The control required to reach this form also allows them to hold the rage at bay.