Updated Plans

So I started the year with a plan of what I’d be writing. And it lasted almost a couple of days before another story popped into my head almost fully formed. It came from ideas I had a while ago – which mutated into another story – but seemed to suddenly cohere into something more concrete as I passed the time waiting for my insomnia to give up for the night.

It’s remained ensconced in my mind since, growing out to fill in the story (although I’m still not sure if it’ll be a novel or novelette). So it’ll probably have to fit in somewhere soon, at least in terms of outlining. Maybe before I get around to the Thief-City stuff.

I’ve also started (between work on the other two projects in active progress) rewriting Stoneweaver, primarily in terms of the language used. As my writing improves (or evolves, at least) I’m increasingly unhappy with some of my earlier work, and as Stoneweaver is my free novel it really needs improving as a priority. I’m also unhappy with Broken Worlds and Rainbows in Eclipse, but since they may require more fundamental changes than simply the text (which I don’t know I have time for anyway) I’m considering removing them from sale.

They both have bits I like, but I’m worried that having work out there that I’m less than satisfied with risks alienating potential customers from trying my later stuff. But since it’s improvements (okay, changes) in my writing style that are causing me to dislike my earlier work, this is likely to affect all my stories at some point. Maybe I’d be better off forgetting anything over a couple of years old.