The Looming Wall of Words Unwritten

I’ve reached the point in the current story (untitled as yet – not even a working title I’m happy with) where the looming Wall of words yet unwritten is bearing down on me.

I’ve been working through the outline, breaking the chapters down to get an idea of what happens in each, and about half way through the story finally starts to click into place, more and more ideas forming and fitting together. It’s started the momentum towards the point when I have to start writing, which means that The Wall, previously ignorable as being a way away, is now distracting me from preparation to write.

Which is unfortunate as there’s still a bit of work to do on the outline. I need to work through the individual characters and make sure their necessary character arc beats are noted in the chapter breakdowns, now I have a better idea of who they are and how they’ll work in the story.

(Breaking it down also allows you to focus on smaller chunks of the wall, which when the writing starts can make it seem more manageable – provided you can ignore the mass sat behind the individual scenes.)

Then I need to work through the chapter outlines again to make sure these beats fit in, and that everything I wanted (such as the numerous scribbled lines of dialogue on various pages) will be included rather than having to be shoehorned in during revisions.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get at least another pass at it done before the impulse to start writing become uncontrollable. Otherwise it just means more work in revisions. Which may be okay for small inserts, but major things needing changing can be far more daunting. By that point The Wall is more solid.

Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale

Smashwords have their Summer/Winter Sale this month (snuck up on me, I thought it was later), and most of my books are enrolled in it.

Most of my novels are half price (using coupon code SSW50), except Grey Enigmas, which is free (using coupon code SW100). I’ve also got the priced stories of the Tales of the Thief-City series free, and may reduce the prices of others through the month.