2014 End of Year Review

It doesn’t feel like I’ve achieved much this year. The beginning was spent finishing off the novel and couple of novellas and getting those out, but it doesn’t feel quite the same as having written them totally in this year, even if probably half the work on them was done in this period. The only other things I’ve put out this year are a couple of short stories previously published in anthologies, purely so they’d appear linked to my other books.

The middle of the year felt pretty much wasted, as other work and back problems prevented me getting much traction on anything. I did manage to get a short novel written a few months ago, and it’s now in a state I’m happy with. Apart from the title. It doesn’t really have an explicit reference in the story, but I was going to go with it since I can’t think of anything better. Another story I’ve planned since would better suit the title however, so now I have to think up another title for the finished work. No idea when inspiration for that will hit me.

I managed to finish the final seven short stories of the Tales of the Thief-City series, the first of which is finished and ready to go. That’ll be out on the 1st of January, and the subsequent stories should be published on a monthly basis, so there’ll at least be some visible activity (and I’ll have something to post here, since I seem unable to come up with any post topics I can finish an entry on). The stories will be free for their first month, rising to 99c thereafter (not including on Amazon, because price matching there is pretty much a lost cause).

I’m hoping next year will be more productive, though I’m not sure what it’ll include. There are a couple of sequels rattling about in my head, along with an epic fantasy that seems inclined towards a trilogy (which I’ve tried avoiding since trilogies seem cliché, but that’s how the story seems to be working out). Given I’ve yet to see significant sales from anything so far, the new trilogy (a development of the Dwimmerscout short story, but that won’t be necessary reading so shouldn’t interfere) would make more sense than further books in series that don’t have many readers, but it’ll mainly depend on which idea asserts itself most strongly in my mind as I work on them. I’ll try developing the trilogy to begin with and see where I end up.

As to substantive activity on this blog, it’ll depend on whether I can find the time and inspiration (mainly the latter at the moment) to write something that isn’t complete drek. Which this may well be to many.

Seasons greetings to anyone who goes in for that kind of thing, and I hope next year is productive for all of us.