Progress Report – August 2015

The silence has been as much lack of inspiration for posts as work, although there has been plenty of that. I’ve completed the first draft of The Monster in the Mirror, the novella sequel to Grey Enigmas. It has a few problems though, which will require serious thinking about.

Firstly, there’s little action. Only one fight scene in fact, and that feel perfunctory. Grey Enigmas didn’t have much, but at least it had tension during the final act. This one is different, and actually feels like more of a relationship story. The murder mystery is still the driving force of the plot, but I’m not sure whether it’s too different from the previous story to satisfy readers. It’s what the story wanted to be, but I’m concerned the story may be an idiot.

Of more specific concern – and this may contain spoilers if I don’t do a significant rewrite – is one of the murders. It involves the killer recording his murder of a media type and then broadcasting it. I wrote the chapter literally hours before the Virginia shootings, and only heard the news in the evening. Which was disquieting. The scene doesn’t have the actual murder, or much detail of it, but it still feels a bit too close. I’m not sure what to do with something like this. It can’t really be dropped, or the victim changed. I’m not sure the recording part can be altered, but it seems the part that’ll be easiest to modify.

I’m going to have to put this one aside a while before I can do anything with it.



While I do have ideas for the next in that series, that’ll probably have to wait until The Monster in the Mirror is in a more fixed state. Plenty of other stuff to do. I have a few in varying states, two which are probably publishable if I can’t find anywhere else to submit them. That’ll mean working on covers, and formatting a print edition for one of them. I have a good idea what I want for one of the covers, but I’m not sure if my artistic skills are good enough to get what I want. I think I’ll set aside the next week to try working on that.

NaNoWriMo is approaching. While I wasn’t sure I was going to do it this year, since it can sometimes lead to me waiting to start writing a project that’s ready to go, I might see how preparation for Glyphmaster, third in the Glyphpunk series, develops by then. It’s been forcing itself into my mind, and is developing some kind of form, so I may be able to develop an outline by the beginning of November. If not, I’ll just do it when I’m ready. At the least that’ll be one thing off the list of things to do. While the second didn’t have a cliffhanger as such, it may have left some questions, so I want to address those. This story should then close off the series, with a fairly definitive ending. Will that make it a trilogy? I’d hope not (they just seem so cliche) but the definition is vague enough that they probably are. I now feel dirty.