NaNoWriMo 2015

I finished NaNoWriMo yesterday, at just short of 88,000 words. So that’s done for another year.

Glyphmaster still needs a lot of work. Most of the character arcs feel lacking, some of the minor characters need more fleshing out (or at least coherence), some revelations feel like they need more foreshadowing (and I’m not yet sure how to do it without too much exposition early on), and one of the characters in a political position may well need most chapters redone (I was trying to show the array of problems their position meant dealing with, but at the moment it feels too incoherent). Also quiet a few of the viewpoint characters are in fairly depressed/lost mindspaces, which may be a bit repetitive.

But I’m still too close to really judge this stuff, so it’s going aside for a couple of months. Next up working on a short story, then preparing Song of Thunder for publication, probably next month, then beginning revisions of The Monster in the Mirror, then collapsing, then either back to Glyphmaster or reviewing the first two parts of Dwimmerfall and trying to come up with the third.