Glyphmaster Pre-Order

Since I’ve received the proof copy, I’m making Glyphmaster, third in the Glyphpunk series, available for pre-order. It’ll be out June 1st. I should be able to get it prepared by then.

It’s currently only available on Smashwords and associated sites, because Amazon require some form of text provided, and I can’t be bothered formatting a version of it just for that. I should get it done by the end of the month anyway, so it’ll still be available for pres-order for a month or so. Not that I expect many actual orders.

It’ll be $2.99 until publication day, at which point I’ll put it up to the regular price point of $3.99.

It might not be out in print initially, since I’m not happy with how the cover came out. It’s a different cover to the eBook version anyway, since that wasn’t going to work for print. Not sure what to do instead, and I’m reluctant to order another proof just to check the cover. Unless sales pick up (or start) on print copies of the earlier books, I doubt it’ll matter.


Other Stuff

Proofing it and preparing the final version will put on hold the current project, the third in the Grey Revolutions series, currently with the working title Monstrum ex Machina. The story is pretty much broken down, with only another pass or two of outlining before I’m going to have to start writing.

And after that maybe I can finally get back to work on finishing Dwimmerfall. Although that’s looking like it may be more than just a third part of the story that needs doing. One of the features of pantsing the writing.