Progress Report

Remember the plans I outlined in my last post. Not so much with the getting them done. I tinkered with the cover, and had some rough ideas for Dwimmerfall. But another story intruded on my thoughts.

It follows on from ideas I’ve had percolating for a while, and from some elements in Monstrum ex Machina. Since it’s finally started to coalesce, I’m at least making notes.

Soul Food (Working title)

It’s stuttering a bit at the moment, as I start to lay out the rough outline of events and realise the fantastical element doesn’t really come in till about a third of the way through. Prior to that it’s pretty much a detective story, the fantastical elements fairly vague, which could be a bit jarring to a reader who paid little attention to the genre (not sure whether it’ll be urban fantasy or horror).

The brute force solution would be to start with the encounter then flash back to the earlier story. But I dislike flashbacks. Alternatively, the story could be written in the past tense, presaging the fantastical elements in the narration, which is currently planed to be first person. That’d be preferable to a flashback, but I’m not yet convinced it’ll work.

Monstrum ex Machina

In the meantime I’ve done the first revision cycle of Monstrum ex Machina, and found… actually very little. Which is worrying. There’s usually at least a few things that need changing in the story. But so far I’ve just been tinkering with the text. Maybe I need to leave it another month and come back to it. That certainly seems more likely than that I got it pretty much right on the first draft. I might do another cycle and see if anything reveals itself.

Progress Report

I’ve finished the first draft of Monstrum ex Machina, the third novella in the Grey Revolutions series. So that’ll go aside for a few weeks. Probably a bit of work to do on it. I was experimenting with not doing quite as detailed an outline (mainly because I was getting the urge to write it before I did the final cycle of breaking it down), but it doesn’t feel quite as comfortable, and I’m sure it’s going to require more revision time than it would have taken outline time. I think I’m closing in on my preferred working method.

Next up I’ll have a look over the first two parts of Dwimmerfall as I try and plan out the rest of the story. It’s been close to a year since I last worked on it. I’m going to rewrite the first chapter, since it isn’t quite working and I’ve had an idea of a better opening.

I might have a look at redoing the cover of Allegiances, on the assumption I’ll ever get around to the other stories in the series. Maybe.