Update, Progress Report, and General Proof of Life

Progress Report

I think we can forget me posting here with any regularity in the foreseeable. I have very few things to share, and plenty of writing to get on with. At the moment, I have in progress:

  • Soul Food, a short mystery/urban fantasy novel. It may veer towards horror. I’m really not sure how to classify it. It’s in a fairly good state, but I’m not sure if it needs more work. The cover’s also more or less done, and I should have enough images to post a cover creation process when the book’s due out;
  • A currently untitled fantasy story I have plotted. Probably a short novella, at best. Just about ready for a first draft;
  • I have the third part of Dwimmerfall (working title) just about worked out. I think it’s been over a year since the first couple of parts were done, and I still only have a rough idea of how the whole thing ends (probably in part four). Still having trouble breaking down one of story strands though, and then I’ll need to plot it out;

And I’ve started actual research for a longer novel, but that’s in very early planning stages.

I’m not sure I have enough in a suitable state to do NaNoWriMo next month. I might start off with the untitled one, then take time off to finish breaking Dwimmerfall into something useful. Given I can generally finish the 50,000 with weeks to spare, it should be doable.


The Folly of Miss Harrow

On the publishing side, the novelette, The Folly of Miss Harrow, is now available for pre-order. It’ll be released on the 14th of November.

miss-harrow-smallAn account of Miss Alyssa Harrow, an alchemist of dubious repute, yet impeccable breeding, as she mounts an archaeological excursion on the edge of the empire.

A fantastical fiction in 12,000 words.






I’ve also fiddled about with the pricing again, reducing the novels back to $2.99. Since raising them earlier in the year, I haven’t noticed much difference in sales numbers, though most sales have been for the lower priced stuff that wasn’t changed. So I’m bringing them back down as we approach the holiday season, not that I’m really expecting much change.

The higher price was mainly to try to give an impression of greater value, anyway. Any profit from having them priced higher may be significant at lower sales levels, but higher sales levels, even at a lower price) are what I need for this to be a career (the ideal situation). So if the lower price attracts even one more customer who then considers buying more of my work, it’s useful.