Soul Food Pre-order, & Print Edition Problems

Soul Food will be on sale on the 26th of January. It can be pre-ordered now at $1.99, going to regular price of $2.99 after publication.

Soul Food

A woman dead in a derelict hotel. Hardly an unusual sight working homicide.

Already under IA scrutiny, Blake must hunt the killer through a maze of cults, criminals, fake mediums, and things whose existence makes him question his sanity. All the while trying to shoot as few people as possible. Fatally, at least.

And there’s the very unreal possibility of his soul becoming food for things that shouldn’t exist.

A paranormal suspense story.



Print Edition

I’m not yet sure whether there’ll be a print edition available, since the updated cover has arrived with the background again looking vague, and not like the image they show on their digital previews. This seems to be a constant problem with Createspace lately, and has contributed to my considerations of abandoning print.

It’s not as though I sell in print anyway. So it only adds time to the writing process. Formatting for print; reformatting because it never seems to come out right; waiting a month for the proof copy to arrive; having to redo the cover because it looks different.

I can barely see the streaks in the background. They look like some kind of dodgy printing artifact down just the left hand side. I ordered the print copy mainly to do a Goodreads giveaway before publication, but if it looks like this I have to wonder if it’ll do more damage, looking amateurish. I’ll wait a couple of days and see how much it irritates me then.