The Book of a Thousand and One Destinies

I noticed a few months back that Amazon UK had a competition for stories to be published between Feb and May 19th on KDP Select (which I dislike because of it’s exclusivity, but as a one-off I’ll see if it does me any good). I didn’t have anything ready to go at the time, and I think I thought it was only for novels. Also a lot of it sounds like a popularity contest, and getting readers is a problem to begin with.

Noticing a couple of days ago it’s for anything over 5000 words, and having a novella that I probably won’t find anywhere else to try submitting, I decided I’ll try it. Since it needs to gain some popularity by the end of the month, I doubt it’ll get anywhere.

It’s something to try anyway, and I’ll be doing a free giveaway of it next weekend (12th -14th), giving me time to submit to a few of the places that promote such giveaways, hopefully getting some attention.

It’s a shameless homage of the Book of a Thousand Nights and a Night (Tales of the Arabian Nights), with the language aping it in being slightly archaic. it probably won’t be for everyone. Or, likely, anyone. But it was fun to write.


The Book of a Thousand and One Destinies

A paranoid Sultan, an Assassin found only in stories, and a Storyteller caught up in their battle.

Once upon a time, a great Sultan was plagued by an Assassin who struck at him with stories and lies. A young Storyteller is gathered with her colleagues, and forced to share her stories with the Sultan before their voices are stilled forever.
In a war of destinies, enslaved jinn, and comparative truths, the Storyteller must tread dangerous ground in what may be her final recital.
A fantasy novella.