Suicide Squad (belated) Opinion

I’ve just rewatched the Suicide Squad film, and realised what I’m unhappy about with it.

On the whole I liked it, but that may just be my nostalgia for the property (mainly from the Ostrander era in the ’80s. I’ve read the first collection of the New52 era, but it didn’t really catch me).

While some of the characters are off from the versions I like, that’s understandable given the shift in medium (I suspect Waller may be slightly closer to the New52 version). On the whole, they were recognisable enough, and entertaining.

The main thing that irritates me is the story, particularly as a first film. Dealing with a problem Waller caused through her machinations isn’t out of line, but as the first film – potentially only at the time – it makes her look less than competent. It also feels like a traditional reactive superhero story structure, with the heroes simply switched for villains.

I liked the rationale of the team being green-lit because of the idea of the next war being fought with metahumans. That’s close to the Ostrander version of the team, interacting with metahuman teams working for other countries (fictional and real), terrorists, and corporations.

I’d have preferred it the story had focussed more on this angle, with the threat being covert actions by a hostile power’s metahuman operatives. It could have made the film feel fresher, and it’d have been closer to what I like about the series.

I still like it more than the previous films in the DCCU though, which admittedly isn’t saying much.

Hating Nazis is Counterproductive

Pity and disgust are less harmful, and understandable. But unless they’re actually doing something, in which case they should be opposed, it’s better to ignore Nazis. Since tweeting isn’t really doing something, there’s little point engaging them on twitter.

Nazism is a child’s tantrum, craving attention and acknowledgement, while demanding of the world that which a moment’s rational consideration would realise was impossible.

Nazism is bred of desperation. A lashing out against fear and feelings of isolation and impotence. It’s a symptom of a condition in society, and can only really be fought by fixing the underlying problem.

It may never be entirely eliminated, as some people are simply incapable of learning differently once an idea has been rammed into their minds. So they’ll grasp it closely, even when its popularity wanes, and try their best to spread the infection where they found suitable hosts. But a few stray cells of the disease will have little direct impact on the social body.

The polarisation in society sees people increasingly split into those defined by what they hate, and those defined by what they love.

And while it’s easy be angered by those consumed by hate, don’t fall into hating them. It only creates a cycle that let’s them feel justified in their choice.

Don’t define yourself by hating Nazis. Find something you can love, and focus your passions there.