Dear TV Media, Please Stop Speculating

Dear TV Media,

Why do you feel the need to build a narrative around news ‘stories’, to brand them with your own viewpoint in a way I assume you consider will be easily digestible to the consumer, so we’ll prefer your flavour of reporting to that of your competitors?

Why bring on experts (often with only a vague degree of expertise in the subject under discussion) and ask them to speculate on events to help build up the narrative? Do you know what this is called in more fictional narratives? Making shit up. Please stop it. Stick to the facts.

If you don’t know, don’t waffle along until someone tells you something you can repeat as though they know what they’re talking about. We can wait until you know what you’re talking about (or until your handler does). If dots can be reasonably linked then go ahead, but don’t go creating dots just so you can make a pretty picture for your consumers.

It’s not as though many of you do any actual investigative journalism anyway, when it’s easier to regurgitate and rebrand what you’ve been told, to quickly fit it into your preferred narrative.

And who came up with the idea of 24-hour news? Yes, news could happen any hour of the day, but it’s unlikely to happen every hour of the day. What percentage is filler?

I suppose I should just switch to getting my news from the internet, until you finally catch up with technology. Just imagine when you can record a report for the consumer to watch when they want: you’ll be able to stick to the facts, and rather than have to be live (which you could be, but for most stories a couple of minute’s delay is hardly going to matter) you can edit out the embarrassing fumbling to fill in. We (the consumers) will be able to fast forward through boring bits, or just move on to something else. And when we get bored with a story it’ll stop getting hits, so you can get the message and stop flogging it (MPs expense scandal, I’m looking at you – actually made me feel sorry for the MPs by the end).

Until that time, stick to the facts and try not to bore me too much.

Yours sincerely,


A Consumer