I’m Done with Scrivener

I might have been getting lax with my backups since I started using Scrivener. I used to try and email the word file to my online account at the end of every day of work (I know, I should set up something automated, but the email method also keeps a record of the various drafts). Scrivener doesn’t have a single file unless you compile it, which I do less regularly.

[I’m sure you can see where this is going]

So I was using Scrivener for the second part of the current project (working title Dwimmerfall), since I’m writing it in batches of the chapters for one character at a time. This is one thing for which Scrivener is useful. It flashed up an odd message when closing down, so I reopened it to check. It’d lost a day’s work.

With a little googling (after having copied the text files so I at least had something to work from if it went further askew) I worked out how to recover the last backup. It keeps the last five, so I was fortunately able to restore what had been lost, and was relatively confident in being able to recover should it happen again.

Which it did the next day. Only this time it lost all the text from the project, not just the past few days. And it managed to somehow wipe all five back ups.

I thought I’d lost all of part two, about a month’s work. Fortunately I still had the text download I made following the previous crash. I could copy and paste those back in – the chapter files and titles remained, they just didn’t contain any text – but I’m reluctant to trust a program that could crash every time I turn it off. Even if convinced this was a bug that’d been fixed, I don’t know I’d be happy trusting it, and going through the process of backing things up after only working an hour or so at a time would soon get frustrating.

I’ve left the writing alone for a few days, since the thought of having to redo something done so recently was initially overwhelming. What could I miss out, forgetting that it came there and thinking it came earlier? Of course I could also add things that I hadn’t initially included, but that’s not what I worry about.

I’ll get back to it in a day or two, using Word, and probably do the succeeding chapters for this character before going back to redo the lost ones.

And I should probably think of something more regimented for saving back ups.


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