November Updates

I finished my NaNoWriMo stuff for this year a few days ago. Three novellas, each around 20k. The first is unnamed, the second is The Entropy of Ideas, and the third is The Book of a Thousand and One Destines. They’re all fantasies of various flavours.

The Book of a Thousand and One Destines has, as you might be able to tell from the title, an Arabian Nights flavour. So I may submit it to’s current call for non-European-based fantasy novellas. Since that closes in January, this’ll be my main (though not only) focus for the next month.


Soul Food

I’m waiting for the Createspace proof of this, so it’ll probably be out early next year (barring realisations of gaping plot holes).

It’s a detective story with paranormal elements. It came about from a thought experiment regarding the existence and nature of the soul, and in tone is close to what I discussed in my interpretation of cosmic horror.

I don’t have a description blurb worked out yet, but here’s the working cover:









The Sin of Hope

This has had a polish and a facelift, for a couple of reasons. Mainly I was skimming through trying to get useful quotes to use on twitter (since I really should try and use it for something), and as usual I can’t do so without feeling compelled to fiddle with the text. It is nearly five years old, and some of the sentence structures really irritated me.

Secondly, Soul Food is kind of a spiritual sequel to it. Different characters, but both detectives in modern, unidentified, settings, who run across what may be paranormal stuff. More explicitly in the case of Soul Food, whereas The Sin of Hope can work fine as a non-fantastical story if you assume some of the characters are crazy.

The cover also started to irritate me, so I’ve updated it. It’s also down to $0.99 for the rest of the year.


Court of Echoes & Read an eBook Week sale

The eighth story in the Tales of the Thief-City series, Court of Echoes, is out today. It’ll be free for this month on Smashwords and associated retailers (but probably not on Amazon).

 Court of Echoes smallCourt of Echoes

Strange beings searching for something is hardly unusual in the city of Nexi. When they intersect with a murder Rax is investigating, he can’t ignore them, leading him to an unsettling new world, and a theft that may not even have happened yet.

Eighth in the Tales of the Thief-City series. An 11,000 word novelette.


Read an eBook Week

Today is also the beginning of Read an eBook Week. As part of the Smashwords promotion, the other books in the Tales of the Thief-City series can be had for free using coupon code RW100, and most of my other stuff is half price.

Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale

Smashwords have their Summer/Winter Sale this month (snuck up on me, I thought it was later), and most of my books are enrolled in it.

Most of my novels are half price (using coupon code SSW50), except Grey Enigmas, which is free (using coupon code SW100). I’ve also got the priced stories of the Tales of the Thief-City series free, and may reduce the prices of others through the month.

Read an eBook Week 2014

Today begins Read an eBook Week, running through to the 8th, and I’ve again enrolled my books in the Smashwords promotion.

All my novels are half price (using the voucher code REW50), apart from Glyphpunk which is free (using the voucher code RW100) [since the sequel is now out].

I’ve also made the first six parts of the Shadows of the Heavens series (apart from the first one, which is already) free.

I’ve taken advantage of the promotion to raise the prices of the Tales of the Thief-City series to 99c, but made them free for the week using the voucher code. I was going to leave it another week or so, but this should let them show up in the most heavily trafficked category.